Marketing Director, Social Media, Signage, Pay Per Click Marketing, ZenReach, Chat Bot Automation

Developed, implemented, and maintained marketing strategies aligned with organizational objectives. Helped with opening and signage, managed all promotional activities, advertising, social media and emailer.  


– Social Media Marketing
– Remarketing
– Branding
– Email Marketing

Wash. Dry. Fold.

Premier Laundry Service, Where We Wash, Dry & Fold Your Laundry

We specialize in wash and fold service. Otherwise known as drop-off laundry service, WDF, or fluff and fold. Where we, the professionals, do the laundry for you. We know that you have a super busy life, so drop your dirty laundry at WaveMAX Thornton!

Custom web design for clients needs.

Google Analytics with return on investments report and month over month growth tracking